The 7 best golf presents of 2014

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Why golf is considered an important game

Golf is a game which is played all over the world by a wide range of people. Indeed it is a very special sport. It is played by four million people all over the world. All the players really enjoy playing a round of golf now and then.  Lots of different courses can be played in the game of golf. The typical golfing events include those of Super Bowl Scramble and Couples Turkey Shoot.  In the arena of golf it is true that Tiger Woods won his first title at the age of eight. One of the interesting facts about golf is that the highest golf course is situated in the Tactu Golf Club which is situated in the region of Morococha in Peru. Moreover, it should be known that the largest stretch of golfing green is about six hundred and ninety five yards situated in the International Golf Club in Massachusetts.

The seven best golf gift ideas

The best gifting ideas that can be there in the case of golf can be that of the golf gloves. It is good if you have many pairs of golf gloves. It is because a pair of golf gloves will be necessary to play a good round of golf.  Having a spare pair of gloves will ensure that you do is supplied with the gloves. Gifting a pair of gloves to somebody who loves golf is a great idea.


Trainer’s Aids are always a part of the great gifting ideas. The kit containing the trainers aids will consist of swing trainers, practice mats, practice videos. The player will enjoy the trainer’s aids a great deal.  It is always special to get a scope for taking up golf lessons at the place of a local expert. It is because at this place the starters can begin to learn this game and the experts can start to improve upon this game.  The fees of the lessons will vary upon the fact about lessons are being imparted and the person who is imparting the lessons.


The next idea of personalised golf gifts is that of rainwear. It is because rainwear can include a host of jackets and pants. Rain jackets can be used when they are required. Rain jackets can also be used in dry situations at the golf course. Club covers is a good suggestion and is the perfect excuse to stop wear and tear from occurring. It is a good idea to include the golfer’s favorite team with in the club covers.

One of the best golf gifts I have come across lately, is the Swingshot Golf Video Camera for recording your golf swing. This great product makes it easy to record your swing both on the course, and at the range. Brilliant idea, and Harry over at gave it a sterling review.


One of the most preferred choice of golfing gift ideas are those of t-shirts and apparel.  The guys over at Golf Digest always recommends shirts as a gift. But the t shirts and apparel can be worn by a lot of people but perhaps nothing can beat customized golfing gifts like that of gold money clip.


It is a good idea to gift a pair of shoes to the person who loves to play the game of golf. The player can wear the pair of shoes when he is playing the game or else even after the game ends. The pair of shoes that you have just gifted him as a golf gift will be the reason to make him happy.


It is indeed a brainwave that a putter can be given as a gift to a player of golf. Some of the putters are really very beautiful and crafted in an accurate manner. The putters come in different head shapes so you have a wide variety to choose from.


The presence of a blunt umbrella gives enough safety against the strong winds on the golf course. The price of the blunt umbrella is about hundred dollars. This is a gift item that is required by every golfer. Indeed a golf player will be proud to possess this blunt umbrella.

How to buy the right golf cart tires

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With all the different types of options and combinations that are available, the task of choosing the right tires and wheels for your precious golf cart can become extremely daunting. Although they are of much smaller scale, the working process is similar to the tires and wheels of automobiles. The pricing of these tires can be economical or extravagant. This article is intended to assist you in making the right decision when choosing tires for the golf carts.

When choosing the suitable tires for golf carts, you need to consider two important factors – tread pattern and tire size. Instead of personal preference or taste, function and utility determine the choice of tires.

Tire Tread

Depending on tread patterns there are mainly three types of tires that are used by golf carts. They are knobby/off-road, all-terrain and turf/street. The knobby and all-terrain tires are generally referred to as directional tires. The design of the tread pattern is such that the treads should move in one specific direction when installed properly.


Knobby and off-road tires: The tires belonging to this category have more pronounced tread patterns. This enables for digging through the mud and sand and also allows easy navigation through woods. These tires are not ideal for street travel because they are known to provide bumpy rides.


All-terrain tires: These tires have smoother treads than the knobby tires. These tires can be utilized in any situations and are the best all-around type tires available. These are more aggressive than the standard turf tires.


Turf/Street tires: These tires are most commonly used in golf carts. These are specially designed for operation on golf courses such that they don’t cause any damage to the grass. Therefore this kind of tire is appropriate for use when driving on smooth paved surfaces and grass.


Tire Size

A standard tire generally measures 18X8.50-8. This signifies that the tire can accommodate an 8-inch wheel and has a diameter of 18-inches and width 8.5-inches. The sizes of tires vary in the range 20X11-10 – 25X11-12.

5 Things to Keep In Mind before Buying a Golf Cart Battery

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Golf carts are found everywhere on a golf course. They are widely utilized to take golfers from one hole to another and also from a pro shop to a golf course. The golf carts can be utilized as an effective means of transport that allows people to travel quickly and easily over short distances. Thus they can also be used in other settings. Before buying the perfect golf cart battery you need to have the basic knowledge. As far as purchasing the golf cart battery is concerned, the first decision you make will turn out to be the most important. This article is written in such a way that it will assist the first time buyers when they purchase the golf cart batteries. You need to make the following important decisions before purchasing the batteries:

1. Should I go for the electric golf cart or the gas golf cart?

2.What will be the cost of charging the electric cart?

3.What kind of maintenance is required?

4.How important is the warranty?

5.From where should I buy the cart – a private party or a dealer?

The dilemma between Electric and Gas Golf Carts

This is an important decision that you must make depending on truthful and knowledgeable information. When buying a golf cart, you must consider two deciding factors – personal preference and circumstance. Both the types require maintenance and have the same longevity. Club Cars have aluminum frames. They generally last longer because they do not rust easily. But brands like Yamaha and EZ Go have steel frames. They rust easily and eventually break. Generally the longevity is about 30-40 years and varies from one manufacturer to another. Electric golf cart batteries are available in 3 kinds of voltages – 12, 8 and 6. For an operating system of 36 volts, you can consider 6 6-volt batteries. For an operating system of 48 volts, you can consider 4 12-volt batteries or 6 8-volt batteries.

Charging Costs of the carts

The carts with an operating system of 48 volts are capable of running two times more than the carts with an operating system of 36 volts. Therefore these carts do not require frequent charging because they have longer run time. The gas carts on the other hand do not require the batteries to be charged. The gas carts keep going as long as the gas tanks are not empty. The electric cart can run about 20-25 miles on a single charge. The charging expenses can be approximately $10-20 per month. Different campgrounds take extra charges for the electric carts. There are many cheaper batteries like the Sam’s Club Battery which generally last for 1-3 years and cost about $320 per set. But Trojan batteries last for 7-9 years and cost about $750 per set.

The gas carts that are available today are more efficient than their ancestors. Today’s gas carts do not sputter or backfire and are very much reliable and quiet. Generally these carts use 4-stroke engines that have unleaded gas in a gas tank and oil in a crankcase. With these carts you can travel an average distance of 7 miles per gallon. The average cost of gas can range between $35-70 per month.


When buying the cart battery you must keep in mind that annual maintenance is very important for both the Electric and Gas variants. An annual inspection can be considered as an inexpensive and effective way to fix the problems of your golf cart and its batteries.

Maintenance strategies that should be employed for electric golf carts:

·With baking soda and water clean the battery tops

·Clean the battery cables and change them when required

·The batteries should be supplied with adequate amounts of water

·With the help of battery protective spray clean the battery cables

·For proper operation, inspect the battery charger and charge batteries

·The battery trays should be inspected for corrosion

Maintenance strategies that should be employed for gas golf carts:

·Change the oil and air filter when required

·The spark plug and fuel filters should be changed when required

·The battery charging should be thoroughly inspected

·The starter generator brushes and fuel pumps should be inspected regularly

·For proper operation clean the carburetors when needed